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February 18, 2010

Finnaly Entered Google Interview

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oh it is finnish it is amazing … I didnt wait, so nervously but it is wonderfull 🙂

first interview date had delayed , this date is december 2009

so  second interview date is January

First of all i waited intern call 2 hours on my chair ,after that my interviewer  called me ,he is too relax after that i became relax  it was good ,whole question is logical questions ,First question about datastructure question ,it is normal question but not specific for interview because data structure is  so extensive system ,every structure (tree,stack,table) is as coalpit.Fortunately i liked datastructure lesson and this question.After that second question about datastructure but first question and second question linked eachother ,second question is if you have a million or a billion data and if a person want search faster than first system(first question). Datastructure method which you should use and why did you use this method?


December 12, 2009

Google interview

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i wait this interview,it is too important for me , first i recieved mail from google my recruiter,i was so happy .Now i thinking about that , i should preapare for interview .

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