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May 22, 2010

Compare Active dataguard and data guard

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This article is very importan for understand what active dataguard and dataguard mean so if you read this ,you will better understand


December 25, 2009


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i decided ,snapshot is too high system , If the conpany have big data on database so sonetimes DBA should immediate backup for database ,that time we thinking what will i happen? or what will i take? thats questions are true so we sould make this method.This method divided 2 parts








Actually we thaught about this situation remote system is make foe disaster situation so DBA can control with outside by the way data is secure with this system.Dublicate image can become  at remote side.

Another side local side,local snapshot have data at local side,so you can connect with internal .Another important thing for side ,it is twice host for this situation ,some system use two host.

we will enter deeply but this is only begining

November 18, 2009

Block Change Tracking with Oracle

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The last blog ,i wrote Block Change Tracking on oracle ,today i write about Block Change Tracking on oracle ,acttualyblock change tracking writer and blog change tracking link each other ,base on INCRIMENTAL UPDATE BACKUP this structure 10g feature.

BCTW is as notebook for incremantal update backup systems becuse this notebook is consist of every change segment on backup so database dont need copy %100 database .after days , i will explain Incremental Update Backups .Before i told another 2 statements for this systems .

November 16, 2009

Understanding CTWR…

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CTWR(Change Track Writer) This is new options for database because that’s incremental update backup options one so this is missions very very important for database.Actually database can make a backup itself but that’ copy itself ,after that it can paste another disk ,this is basic method ,ctwr is important point for database because CTWR is capture every different part on disk so everytime database is not copy all of database ,only capture different parts on database .

November 15, 2009

Database backup confrontation with System Crashes

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Always database not clearly work ,Every person want smooth system ,it is only imagine ,actual system is linear work .Today i was sharing about crashing problems on database.This is CRASH on DB.

Crash Reasons…

1.System powers problem

2.Server Controlless (reboot or other servers deficts)

3.Parallel executing other application program

4.others server problems

these are some problems but if system crash with these problems , persons can check the some constant with sqlplus…

First of all the person check datafile or backup files ,so person understand system active or not because if system is ACTIVE mode ,Tablespace is backupmode

this scripts …

SELECT , b.status from v$datafile ,v$backup

WHERE a.file#=b.file# and b.status=’ACTIVE’;

referance:Oracle DBA Automation Scripts (Book) (Article)

November 4, 2009

oracle 11g Release 2

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Today Oracle 11G r2 is new beginig ,this version for linux new generation types,so almost Oracle could  every os

Today Oracle 11G r2 is new beginig ,this version for linux new generation types,so almost Oracle could support  every os .

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