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May 24, 2010

Restore Points

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It is too basic situaiton but people dont feel last change enverimont ,so Today we understand people not remamber everything and finnaly i found last restore point with this code ,it is so simple but very effective for me

RMAN>list restore point all;

it is too important for DBA ,if you forget something and before i made new change something ,you use this command ,this command will very helpfull for us…

Restore Point is divided 2 part

  1. Normal Restore Point
  2. Guarentee Restore Point

Create Restore Point

if you create restore point ,your system is archive log mode ,after that you will make guarantee flashback,

such as


DROP Restore Point

if you dont want restore point so you can drop it with this command



December 17, 2009

Incrementally Updated Backup

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Before Oracle 10g ,oracle has incremental backup,but today oracle made incremental updated backup

oracle wants create image copies on datafile so oracle produced that

,this is a RMAN solution,it is amazing options for big warehouse


  1. the most important thing ,time ,you saved time with incremental updated backup.
  2. another important situation ,Incremental update backup is not need high storage capacity than last version(incremental backup)
  3. This another important performance with incremental updated backup.

if we research about incremental updated backup,

lets we make basic sample with  incrementally updated backup


{ recover copy of database with tag ‘a’;


incremental  level 1  tag ‘a’

for recover of copy with tag ‘a’



p.s. “a” is tag for backup ,it is whichever a value for backup

November 14, 2009

Nondefault Location Recovery with RMAN

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Today i thought about archive log on recovery .After that i understand how can i recovery archive redo log files on RMAN .After that i investigate this part so i found this solution i want write it this solution because oracle actually dont give oportunity on nondefault location for backup so it is important ways for DBA.

Solution is here…

RMAN> run {

2>set archive log destination to ‘target location‘;

3>restore archivelog from sequence 10;


this  10 is only a number this mean , the person will enter specific sequence number , this is only example for that method.

referances:Apress RMAN Receipes for Oracle Database 11g

November 13, 2009

Auto Control Files Backup

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dbToday Oracle system needs something for healthy database so DBA should backup some tools .Such as Control Backup,redo log vs… ok but Big system wants auto backup thus  auto control backup is become in oracle systems.

I can write about auotmatic control files backup,below side

RMAN>configure control file backup on;

this codes mean is enable control files

RMAN>configure control file backup off;

this code mean is disable control files

another side

RMAN>configure controlfile autobackup format for device type disk to ‘target area’;

this is rman options…

this is very important for backups option

referances:Apress RMAN Receipes for Oracle Database 11g

November 12, 2009

Logical Block Corruption For Backups

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Today DBA use backup solution ,it is very important that but sometimes this backup will be problem.This situation will be chaos for DBA ,We understand  about backup situations.DBA should check backup, so DBA need “LOGICAL CHECK“.RMAN is consist of logical check system.If system check up corraption for backup , result is in V$DATABASE_BLOCK_CORRUPTION.

I have example for this problem







P.S. : Datafile 4 ,no more than three with corruption, this is border with constant value,this is datafile 4.


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