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May 30, 2017

Primavera Unifier on Oracle Public Cloud Database Part:3 (Writer : Okcan Yasin Saygılı – Selçuk Gülderen)

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31.Show up your configurations.

32.Please create new domain for Unifier.( C:\Oracle\Middleware\Oracle_Home1\oracle_common\common\bin)

33.Please Configure your Unifier Configurator .Please write compter fullname for internal name .

  1. Please create these folder for Unifier.

35.Please fill in the blanks with your database details.

36.Please fill your mail details.

37.Save the systems .

38.Please build EAR with above button.

39.Please write your details on Unifier setenv.bat (in Unifier’s weblogic folder)( D:\V77738-01\Primavera_Unifier_15.2\unifier_15.2.0.0\weblogic)

40.Please Click deploy.bat (D:\V77738-01\Primavera_Unifier_15.2\unifier_15.2.0.0\weblogic)


  6. I couldn’t remember other references.

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